I purchased glasses from Zenni Optical at the end of August and it is now Nov. 12 and I'm still waiting for my order to come with the correct prescription. I had to send my glasses back twice and have spent my own time and money going to the post office for Zenni Optical to review my order. My left eye was in pain and so I sent my glasses back. They told me the lenses were distorted and would be reordered and shipped at no cost to me. When I received my glasses, my eyes continued to hurt. I had to go to an eyeglass doctor and they measured my lenses and told me they were off from my prescription. Afterwards, I sent my glasses back a 2nd time to Zenni Optical. It has been 2 months since my original date of purchase and I am still waiting to see if my glasses will be error-free this time around. I am upset that I was not offered a full refund along with my glasses returned, or at least credits towards another purchase.

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