I suffer from depression and disabling anxiety. After several painful months of trial and error, my doctor and I decided to try Lamictal (Lamotrigine) and it was a life saver. My prescription was filled with a generic manufactured by Teva. A week ago I had to switch drug stores, due to health insurance requirements and this time the manufacturer was Zydus, instead of Teva.

In less than a week my anxiety came back with revenge, and peeked up to the point that my blood pressure reached 170/115 on a daily basis. I went back to waking up in a panic attack, having heart palpitations all day and vomiting everything I ate.in a few words, I was back to depression/anxiety hell, until I figured that it could not be a coincidence that my mental health had deteriorated since I started the last bottle of Lamotrigine, the one manufactured by Zydus.

I could not go to work all week. I had 5 doctor appointments in the last 3 days, desperately looking for help, without any relief. Needless to say, it was a terrible experience and I will make sure I will never buy Zydus products anymore.

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