I was prescribed 20 milligrams of Oxycodone for 25 years of ongoing pain control. Normally, my Dr would write the script as name brand only. By mistake he inadvertently left out this statement and the script was automatically filled with a generic. Unfortunately they filled my script with the generic called Zydus. From the first dose, I have been so sick, I can barely function! It is causing nausea, headache, flatulence and such severe upper stomach pain, I can barely stand up! It also is causing me to have severe low back pain. THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST MEDICATIONS I HAVE EVER TAKEN!!! Not only does it make me severely ill, it doesn't even relieve the pain! I might as well be taking a placebo! I spoke to my doctor about this medication and how sick it was making me and unfortunately his hands are tied as I cannot get a new script to replace this one for another 3 weeks because it is a controlled substance.

So I just want to say thanks to the manufacturers of Zydus for causing me such severe pain and discomfort for a whole month! Why they are being allowed to sell this drug as a pain reliever is beyond me as it DOES NOT WORK! It should be taken off the market! The manufacturers of this drug should be sued for selling a placebo-like drug and people like me should be reimbursed for not only the cost of the medication, but for a month’s worth of horrible pain and suffering that this drug has caused!

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